Dear Head Teacher, Dos and IT teacher of schools connected to 4G or Fiber internet
Monthly internet usage reporting is now open from December 25,2021,You are kindly reminded to submit December 2021 report. Thank you to those who have already submitted all reports. The user guide is on this front page, under announcement menu for your reference and guidance. Note: all internet report must be submitted via MIS “ For any support contact:
  • Call Seth BUHIGIRO on: 0738197848/0788743202 or send an email to :
  • Call KAMARA Philbert on: 0734542540/0786543643 or send an email to :
  • Call our ISP/BSC on: 0785927485 or send an email to :
  • Announements

    user guide to connect tablets to WiFi internet Download
    user guide to connect XO laptop/ OLPC laptop to WiFi internet Download
    user guide for schools internet Monthly report via REB MIS Download

    How to submit your assets asking for maintenance?

    1. Go to the link Apply for token
    2. Search your school by using the school name
    3. After Finding your school click on apply for Token button [check the School name and school location]
    4. After submission,instructions containing token and other instructions will be sent to the school email
    5. For any problem, please call +250-788-601-499 or send an email to :